Built from the ground up

Edgewood Farm has a long history; agriculture, apples, and booze…

Bryant’s Roots

In 1865, Maj Waller Massie Boyd returned from the Civil War and was given a tract of land by his father. He established Edgewood Farm by planting apple orchards are turning two log cabins into the farmhouse. By the early 1900’s a granddaughter of Boyd married R.L Bryant whose family farmed nearby. R.L expanded the orchards, and built the infrastructure to support the farm. In 1969 hurricane Camille decimated Nelson County and our farm, wiping out most of the orchards. From the late 1980’s through 2000’s, R.L.’s daughter, Roberta, and her husband Ray dedicated their retirement to restoring the farm after a long career in the US Airforce.

Bryant’s Cider Founding

After the passing of Ray and Roberta their grandson Jerry, who grew up with them at Edgewood, took over farm operations. Jerry chose to leave his career in corporate finance to focus on raising his young daughter and take care of Edgewood.

Bryant’s Cider was established in late 2017 as the next chapter for Edgewood Farm. Edgewood had a long history of growing apples and producing alcohol in the mountains. Bryant’s Cider pays tribute to our past generations and will keep our farm strong for years to come.

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